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    New for 2020. Solar Story.

    Based on my trip to visit the world's biggest Solar Plant in Morocco (see photos and sketches below). Published by Farrar Straus and Giroux. This is the fourth in my series of books looking at real communities and sustainability.


    New for 2020. A Sporting Chance.

    Honoured to have illustrated (45 images) this brilliant text by Lori Alexander about Jewish Refugee and spinal injury specialist Ludwig Guttman. I happen to know Ludwig's grandson Mark, and his great grand-daughter Laura! Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


    For New Buds children's book publishers, China.


    Illustrations on new products for sale in Westminster Abbey shop - including chocolate!


    Morocco research trip.

    A village near Ouazarzatte on the edge of the Sahara is the location for my next book Solar Story. The community is situated beside the world's largest Solar Plant.

    The elementary shcool at commune Ghessant, Oazzarzate, Morocco.

    Sketches of the village.


    Hot off the press!

    At last - fresh from the printer in China - my latest book Pedal Power. It will publish in March. Thanks go to my editors Margaret Ferguson and Susan Dobinick. See more in Children's Books.


    New work for The Bridge Centre.

    Jack Pearce and Andrew Sharman at Graphic Designers Silk Pearce commissioned these illustration updates to the IVF clinic's webpages. Advertised on London Uncerground subway trains, and in the London Evening Standard newspaper.


    Wedding gift, and stationery for Nina Finbow.

    Thank you to Nina Finbow, tireless supporter of all things creative. Nina and her husband Roger commissioned me to create a unique painting for the marriage of their daugher Romy. She, and husband Sandford live in the heart of Marylebone. Here they are heading off on their bikes...

    ...and here is the full image...


    Pedal Power cover and final art

    Susan Dobinick, my editor at Macmillan NY has just approved the cover of my latest book, Pedal Power, which will publish in March 2017. It celebrates the protesters who fought for urban cycling in Amsterdam back in 1973. The city, - and in fact cities all over the world today - has these young activists to thank for the wonderful proliferation of bikes.


    New Identity for One by One IVF treatment at the Bridge Centre, London.

    Jack Pearce at Silk Pearce just commissioned me to draw on pebbles to express the wishes of would-be parents.


    New jacket for the 75th anniversary of Curious George.

    My editor Bethany Vinhateiro at Houghton Mifflin has just sent me the new design. This is a new, smaller, readers' edition to be released next year. Wonderful!


    iPad-freindly retina rez illustration for the International News pages of Italy's Corriere Della Sera (digital version). Thank you to my agent Illozoo!

    The brief here was to show a good range of newspapers from all around the world. 


    Photos and drawings merged for Diabetic Living Magazine. Thank you to my agent Illozoo!

    Art director Lauren Northness asked me to work with these studio shots of fitness moves. 'Fill in the white spaces with a typical office interior', she said.


    New Pocket Size Edition of The Journey That Saved Curious George.

    The editor for the Curious George franchise, Elizabeth Bennett at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in Boston tells me that with more than 80,000 sales to date of this lovely picture book, it will re-publish in a new, small, paperback readers' edition in 2016, aimed at schoolchildren studying biography. The book tells the story of how Hans and Margret Rey, the creators of Curious George, escaped from Paris by bicycle as the Nazis invaded France.


    Sneak Preview of my latest picture book Green City, publishing in March 2016.

    At last Susan Dobinick, my superb editor at Farrar Straus and Giroux New York, has had approved all the words, art and jacket for Green City. After many sketches (see below) and meetings, we are good to go! 

    The book tells the true story of Greensburg Kansas, destroyed by a tornado in 2007, and now rebuilding green. Green City will be a companion to Energy Island (see earlier posts). 



    Illustrated Logo for the British Seabuckthorn Company

    My brief was to communicate freshness, Britishness, the East Coast, and the sharp, tangy taste of the berries themselves.

    The seabuckthorn berry is widely known in Scandinavia as a source of Vitamin C and other vital nutrients. Here in Suffolk I have seen it growing wild. There is a handsome bush on the sea wall at Snape Maltings.

    More illustrations for the website www.britishseabuckthorn.com coming soon. The product is delicious - I can guarantee you'll be eating it soon.



    On display in the London Undergound

    Spotted on the London Underground. The latest in my series of illustrations for The Bridge Centre, an IVF clinic situated near The Shard at London Bridge.  Jack Pearce at Graphic designers Silk Pearce www.silkpearce.com has been commissioning work from me for the past three years, including a range of concept illustrations for the clinic’s website www.thebridgecentre.co.uk



    This year's Christmas Card from all the Drummonds

    Settled at last, in Cedar House. After two years of rebuilding following a major fire, the Drummonds are looking forward to celebrating Christmas at home, together, under the same roof. Gaye and I both have brand new studio spaces in the attic.



    Foreign editions of Energy Island

    Excitement today as a package from my publisher Farrar Straus and Giroux, New York arrives containing author copies of my picture book Energy Island in no less than five languages. Thank you to my lovely editor Susan Dobinick!





    Illustrating Natural IVF for Art Director Jack Pearce at Silk Pearce

    The challenge was to illustrate IVF techniques that respect the natural female cycle. After exploring and visualising the words, ‘organic’, and ‘natural’, in lettering and illustration, I found myself thinking about the moon’s 28 day cycle, and so created this logo for the website of the Bridge Centre IVF clinic in London. www.thebridgecentre.co.uk/natural-cycle-ivf.


    Allan Drummond tells The Story of a House

    Tuscany in Neasden. This ‘House Story’ is a watercolour and pen drawing that depicts the lives of Jean and Pietro, just married after a relationship going back more than 50 years. The back garden of the couple’s beloved home in Neasden is a Tuscan paradise, where Pietro, a native of Italy, grows a full range of delicious Italian vegetables and fruit. He even treads grapes in the garage.

    This is just a detail. See the entire painting here: http://allandrummond.com/paintings--prints#/id/i9369035/full